May 29, 2015

A Rainbow of Garden Color

All of our focus recently has been outside (the garden, the mulching, the new swing set) but I have to admit it's so pretty that there's no place I'd rather be.

On our front porch the pansies are gorgeous right now - I planted them in a blended color order and even Oliver thinks they look like a rainbow.

In the backyard it's the week of the irises. The "Navy Blue" iris I planted a couple of years ago finally bloomed, but it turned out to be purple, not navy blue at all. After waiting so long, its a little disappointing. At least my original white and purple ones and the new pink ones that bloomed last year are gorgeous. It also looks like the gold iris is the one that never came up...

Also we had our first real backyard rainbow of the year (because our backyard is awesome like that and we seem to get at least one a year).

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