Jun 4, 2015

Seizing The Summer 2015

Last year we made (and completed!) a list of everything we wanted to do for the second half of the summer in August and early September, making fun a priority for the season. It was great and it really helped me to remember to make time for the important things and enjoy the best summer has to offer. Oliver will never remember a manicured lawn or well weeded garden beds, but he might remember the pool or a trip to the beach.

This year I want to make time to enjoy things from the beginning of the season. I have two business trips (my first since Oliver was born) coming up in June and July, and I know that the summer could easily slip away if we don't make an effort.

This year with the whole summer before us, here are all the fun things I want to do:

1. Go to the beach 3+ more times before September (once a month in June, July and August)
2. Continue to use our local zoo membership and go once a month (this is our plan through the Fall)
3. Once the pool opens in July, go to the pool at least 2x times per week
4. "Host" a neighborhood wide water balloon fight for the kids with sprinklers and water balloons
5. Take Oliver out for an ice cream cone
6. Have dinner alfresco on the patio under the globe lights

I also want to make:

1. Homemade ice cream and popsicles
2. Fresh salsa and marinara with tomatoes from the garden
3. Refrigerator pickles with cucumbers from the garden
4. (Newly added While the flower cutting bed in the garden is blooming, keep fresh flowers in the house

It's a tall order - especially when our schedules are already so busy, but the most important thing is that we enjoy our summer and make family memories for Oliver.

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