Jun 17, 2015

On Projects and Things

Sorry for the radio silence recently. Last week I was traveling for business and everything just got away from me. The weekend before I left I had grand plans to masterfully juggle everything - see friends and family, clean the house, pack for my trip, prep for Oliver's birthday and get enough posts lined up to cover for two weeks of craziness. Obviously I am not a master juggler!

(Boston! I was in Boston and it was beautiful and lovely - I just wish I had more time to enjoy the city while I was up there instead of working so much...)

The good news is that things are finally calming down. We survived my first business trip since Oliver was born, celebrated 3 birthdays and finally caught up on things like laundry and crushing a hundred boxes from amazon. Oliver turned 3, Georgia turned 10 and the blog turned 5.

Onto catching up with blog business. Before I disappeared I posted our Summer Wish List, but I also want to address our projects.

I have a lot of projects swimming around in my head these days. There's so much we want to do, so much we need to do and several things we've started that remain unfinished. There are projects I've put on lists for over a year that still only exist as ideas. But that's okay. That's life with a house and chores and bills and a kid and a dog and errands and 2 full time jobs and freelance projects and family and friends... and well, just real life. I might not post as frequently as I would like, and they might not be the posts I really want to write, but at the same time we're trying to find balance.

What we have to do this summer:
  1. Repair and seal the driveway. This winter was a doozy and left our driveway with hills and dips, cracks and all sorts of problems. 
  2. Repair the porch with a contractor. The posts are rotted, the stairs are rotting and I'm afraid the porch roof is going to fall down on us. We're hiring a professional for this one.
  3. Finish reorganizing the garage. Mike made so much progress last year... and then we filled it up with outdoor furniture. Now that it's emptied out again we need to take the time to make it a really organized, usable and orderly space for the half of the year when it's nice out. 
What I want to do this summer:
  1. Put crown molding up in our master bedroom 
  2. Refinish the master bedroom nightstands 
Projects we've started and need to finish:
  1. Finish the electrical in the basement - lights and outlets
  2. And once the electrical is done, clean up the basement and reorganize a bit
  3. Finish the electrical in the attic (but we'll have to wait for Fall it's too hot now)
  4. Install stairwell lights (also have to wait for cooler weather)

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