Mar 8, 2016

Seeds and Little Things from the Weekend

This past weekend was full of fun, little projects, errands and some much needed relaxation. I finally bought yarn to start a baby blanket for our little boy arriving in May. We took Oliver to the park for lots of fresh air despite the chilly temperatures. There was cleaning, a lot of laundry and a little organizing. I feel like we have so much to do, but everything has been extra crazy for us lately (work stress), we needed a break.

We started our indoor tomato seeds and Oliver was an active participant this year. It was really fun to have such an enthusiastic helper! The only downside was the mess - I wish we had done the whole thing outside. We had the vacuum handy and I spread newspaper on the floor, but I wasn't quite prepared for how far the seed starter mix would travel in little hands and cling to so many surprising surfaces. Oliver's pride in our new "baby tomatoes" was well worth the cleanup effort though - I love his enthusiasm for the garden. He wanted to head outside next and get everything else planted too.

We planted 2 cherry tomatoes, 2 yellow pear (because they are so tasty, prolific and easy to grow) plus 4 of the easier regular tomatoes - super beefsteak, bushsteak hybrid, early girl and roma plum tomatoes. As I mentioned last week we are going for a low maintenance version of the garden this year. It is a little early to plant tomato seeds, but I'm thinking positively that we will (hopefully) have an early spring after such a mild winter and we might be able to get these into the garden beds a little earlier than usual.

I also took down Oliver's old bird mobile with the big branch coming out of the wall in the nursery. It was messier than I thought - the branch was so dry and cracked (after 4 years!) it was really hard to get the birds off without making a huge mess. Plus the thing got so dusty after being ignored for most of the winter. In person, the room looks so empty now without it (it's a little hard to tell from the photos, but in real life there's a big empty space). I'm on the hunt for a new mobile now for baby #2.

Lastly we started our traditional Easter tree. It won't make it until Easter but with the lovely warm weather coming up over the next couple of weeks, I don't think the forsythia outside will make it to Easter either. So at least this way we will have a few forced branches to enjoy inside.

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