Apr 11, 2016

The Decorated Nursery

The nursery is *mostly* ready for our new baby! We didn’t make a ton of changes in here, but I finally finished redecorating in anticipation of our second baby boy’s arrival next month. The crib is back, we replaced missing artwork and put up new mobiles. We patched and repainted some holes and scribbles on the walls. I filled in the pocket shelves and bookshelves with a few things (since some items went to Oliver’s big boy room) and rearranged the rest so that it all feels fresh.

My nesting instincts are kicking in - I have the urge to dust, vacuum and rewash everything in here on a daily basis - so right now everything is nice and clean. All of the baby clothes are washed, organized and put away. All of the cloth diapers have been rewashed, stripped and put back together in the tiniest size (we plan on cloth diapering this little guy just like Oliver once he’s big enough). Even the closet is well organized with room to spare (in truth all of our closets have recently been reorganized… Nesting! Our upstairs has never been so orderly!).

I’ll share the new baby blanket later this week too, the final touch to the room. We still have plenty to do to prepare elsewhere - all the gear in the attic (like the infant carrier and swing, etc.) needs to come down and get washed. There are bottles and containers to sterilize, gifts to organize (we feel so loved and supported!), thank you notes to write, car seats to install, hospital bags to pack. At least the mountains of pre-baby paperwork are done. I also have a strong desire to clean out the freezer and basement deep freeze (nesting!) one of these days, but I’m hoping over the next few weeks to take it easy and celebrate our little guy’s impending arrival. Before we know it, we’ll be thrown back into the chaos of having a newborn… only this time with a preschooler to take care of as well!

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