Apr 25, 2016

Upcoming Maternity Break

So far this year I have been pretty good at sticking to my resolution of posting twice a week (with the exception of being sick a couple weeks ago). Some posts have been easier/more interesting than others, but I’m happy that overall I’ve stuck with it even when things have been crazier than usual.

Of course, all of this is about to change. Soon. I’m 37 weeks pregnant this week, which basically means that our second little boy could arrive safely at anytime now (though hopefully he stays put for another week or two). I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by.

How am I doing? Honestly? I’m exhausted. And I need to use these last few weeks to focus on myself and our family. I need to take more walks, stock up on whatever sleep I can get, rest my aching body and soak up as much Oliver time as possible while we are still a family of 3. While I don’t plan on disappearing from this blog entirely right this second, posting is going to be more sporadic and then at some point in the near future I will drop off for a blog maternity break. I promise to share a photo of our newest member of the family when I have a chance.

We are ready for his arrival. The nursery is done. His clothes are organized. I’ve washed (and will probably rewash yet again) all the linens in the room. The baby gear is all pulled out and ready to go. I even packed my hospital bag over the weekend, just in case. I’d still like to get our raised bed garden planted, take Oliver on some family outings, and go on a few more special mother-son dates just the two of us. Babies come in their own time so we’ll see what happens, but we’re ready.

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