Apr 21, 2016


Spring has slowly been unfolding in our yard. I love all the flowering shrubs, the bulbs and perennials that have started to come up. I'm especially pleased that I took the time to plant more daffodils and some tulips in the fall - they have come up! These photos have been from the past several weeks, it's just so lovely to watch everything come back to life.

The asparagus came up! We can't harvest it for another couple of years (it needs to get established first), but it's really cool to see!

My tulip bulbs in the backyard survived the winter and potential critters! So far they have come up pink and orange in different shades - so pretty!

The trees are also flowering. The dogwood is just getting started and the red bud tree is once again covered in bright purple blossoms - it's so pretty!

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  1. They're beautiful. We got slammed with two heavy snowstorms and it made all the bulbs droop or die, plus new growth on everything. Oh well. It's just sort of discouraging, because it only happens once a year.