Jan 19, 2011

Sun Room Chandelier

Hello Yellow!  Our new light fixture in the sun room is a yellow chandelier. I actually bought this light over a year ago (from Pottery Barn, on sale) when we thought we were about to become ranch-in-Summit owners.  It was meant for a breakfast nook in a super fun kitchen I was envisioning with aqua and teal cabinets, to replace an ugly light fixture with bad karma (it had a santa clause figurine hanging from a noose... creepy I know).  Anyways, as the story goes the house in Summit didn't work out and we moved on and up... but we kept the chandelier because I loved it.

First we thought about putting it in the dining room, but I figured future me in 5-10 years would prefer the plain brass one that was already in there.  Then we were going to hang it in the living room to coordinate with the yellow wallpaper, but of course I found my super gorgeous dream light and that went up instead.  We briefly considered glamming up the upstairs office or our bedroom, but the hot summers without central AC around here require ceiling fans be installed in all the bedrooms.  So that left the sun room - and I like bringing in the yellow in from the living room and adding a little glamour to this space.

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