Dec 13, 2011

Holiday Decor: Inside

The house is decorated for Christmas and I think it’s quite lovely. I love making everything all gaudy and fun. It’s the one time of year where the cheesy, mismatched, garish and overcrowded work beautifully under the guise of festive. For the entire month of December I love to bask in the glow of all that is glittery.

This year I did more lights. A lot more lights. Lights and garlands on the tops of the bookcases in the living room and strung over the doorway. Lights and garlands on the media stand in the sunroom. Lights and garlands on top of the hutch in the dining room.

We bought a tree and decorated it over the weekend. Last year we liked having our Christmas tree in the sun room, though this year it was a lot tighter with all of the furniture in it. Instead of being placed in the center of the room, we turned off the radiator and pushed it to the side. This way we can still see it from the living room and dining room, and we can still sit on the couch in the sunroom.

I also did my usual garland and lights up the stairs in the living room, and a mini tree with ornaments at the top of the stairs.

And of course it's all about the details. Ribbons. Bowls of pinecones with sparkly ribbons and ornaments. Festive scented candles. Bright red wreathes. Vases and bowls filled with pretty ornaments on tables and tucked inside bookshelves. I like to put a little something in each room, though I concentrate most of my efforts where it will have the most impact in the main living space.

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