Mar 14, 2012

The Rocking Chair

We found the perfect tiny rocker for our nursery. It needs a little TLC, but it’s very sturdy and well made. Even better, it only cost us only $50 from one of my favorite vintage shops, Second Dibs (where we also bought our console table). I love the clean lines and classic shape - no ornate swirls or carved flowers here. Most importantly, this little rocker actually fits in the tiny 77 sq ft space we’re calling a nursery.

It took me several months to find the right rocking chair. Not only can they be surprisingly expensive, but 99% of them are either HUGE or a tiny child’s chair. A large comfy rocking chair or glider is nice when you have spacious bedrooms, but space is something our 1920s colonial is short on. What we needed was something small enough to fit the room but sturdy and large enough to support an adult - basically a vintage little old lady rocker that’s sized for tiny women in tiny houses to do their knitting. And this chair is exactly that. With a cushion it’s very comfortable and has the seat height of a couch. Without arms we’ll have plenty of room to soothe a cranky baby.

Like the dresser, we want to stain the rocking chair to give it a more espresso brown finish. I do love the antique patina of the chair, but it’s just a little too red for the room.

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