Jun 26, 2014

Refinished Side Table #3

The third table from the furniture refinish weekend is the newest, from this May’s FHRS. I was happy to find another small table that would fit in Oliver’s room (mainly for his humidifier in the winter), so I could take the marble topped table (refinished table #1) back downstairs to the living room. This table had a spot and some cracks on the top - not important for a humidifier stand, but it was worth refinishing while I was already redoing the others. While I could live with the tabletop shape, I didn’t like how orange the finish was - it clashed with the crib and rocking chair in the nursery.

I did two coats of polystain all over the piece to cover the orange color. It vastly improved the tone and hid most of the top damage. It should blend better in the nursery now.

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