Nov 24, 2014

A Few Little Things

A few little things from around our house over the past few days... I finally changed out a picture on our gallery wall from a black and white city picture to that blue painting I shared a few weeks ago.

I put up our Christmas lights outside early when it hit 70 degrees today. At first I felt a little weird about it, but I rationalized that I was taking advantage of the beautiful weather. I also realized that today last year would have been post-Thanksgiving, so it's not that bad. We got new snowflake lights to hang on the tree - I'm so excited about them!

I also got a new doormat for our porch on sale at Target. I actually intended to get a Christmas one, but Oliver really loved the snowman (thank you Frozen). I realized I could keep it out longer in the winter if we went with a snow/winter one (and put the bicycle one away until spring), so Oliver won.

The snow theme was cute when it was 70 and warm. Then I checked the forecast and realized we're getting snow on Wednesday. Too soon... I didn't mean it! Let's change it to "let it not snow."

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