Dec 19, 2014

An Octopus for Oliver

We've started a tradition in our family of handmade gifts for Oliver. Every Christmas and birthday, we give him something handmade in addition to his gifts from a store. For his birthday it was redoing the kitchen set, last Christmas I made him the giant stuffed snake. He also participates in making gifts for others, as much as a two year old can - for now we paint pictures to give to loved ones. I'll be honest, he's very spoiled and has more toys than he can play with and it's largely our own fault. But we're hoping to teach him the joy of giving, that gifts from the heart mean more and are better than things from a store, and that it's the time, effort and thought that count the most.

This Christmas, I've made him an octopus.

It's really just a modified version of the snake I made last year. The head is like making a baby hat, instead of making a brim I tapered off until it closed. The tentacles (all 8!) are just small snake tails that I attached to the head with a tapestry needle and yarn. The eyes are felt. and sewed on. I stuffed the head and the tops of the tentacles with batting, but I left the bottoms empty so they are floppy.

Oliver might not appreciate handmade gifts filled with love until he's much older (I mean what kid isn't more interested in the AMAZING COOL THING that Santa brought?), but hopefully someday it will mean more. And in the meantime he can wear the snake as a wrap and give the octopus a cuddle.

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