Jan 21, 2015

Upstairs Hall Crown Molding

In the upstairs hall, once the walls were patched and painted and the ceiling was patched and painted, we were ready to put up the crown molding. We bought the same type we used in our kitchen and in the nursery, it blends well with the original molding in the house. Mike bought the right lengths at Home Depot (you buy it by the inch and cut it in the store) and brought it home. He mitered the corners with our miter saw. Putting it up with our fancy nail gun was quick and easy - everything was cut and installed in under hour.

Once it was up, next we had to do all of the seams with paintable white caulk. Top, bottom and between each connection (especially the corners). This took much longer than installation, but it was well worth it. Caulk always makes everything look a million times better.

I love how it came out. It looks like it’s always been there - our favorite way to know that we made the right decision for the house. Wasn’t it always like this?

Of course, we still have to paint it white (it came primed) and all the trim in the hall needs a fresh coat. But you can still see here in the pictures how the bright white trim pops with the edgecomb gray walls and ceiling. It finishes and hides most of the rough edges of the wallpaper too.

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