Mar 26, 2015

Finishing the Master Bedroom

Our next big project is finally finishing our master bedroom. Like the upstairs hall, we got it to a good place but didn’t quite finish it. We’ve decided that now would be a good time to finally take those last steps.

Our master bedroom is small but comfortable. We’ve made slow, thoughtful changes over the past few years to improve the space, little by little.

When we first moved in, our furniture didn’t fit in this room. The closets only allowed for a small full bed between them, not our king, so it was a very tight squeeze for our furniture. We lived with it for one day, banging our knees and turning at funny angles, then called our contractor.

We made some big changes - we converted the overly long hallway into the closet and moved the doorway. We took out the original closets that took up floor space where the dressers are now. From there we put down carpet and moved our furniture back in. Mike built a radiator cover. We added a few finishing touches that made the space feel homey - curtains, a large floor mirror, artwork.

Recently we replaced my old dresser with my new white one and the room is really starting to feel so close to finished. It made me realize how close we are - why not finish it all the way?

So that’s where we are now, planning out the final steps. Here’s what’s left:
  1. Repainting. After doing some touch-ups with the wrong can of paint, I need to repaint the walls
  2. Crown molding around the ceiling
  3. Find matching nightstands (updated)
  4. Refinish matching nightstands (updated)
  5. Picture ledge over my dresser mirror for photos
  6. Finalize/Rearrange artwork

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