May 28, 2015

Mulched and Conquered

3 cubic yards of mulch, spread and done.  The front yard was quickly conquered, but the backyard is much bigger and took a lot longer. If you look at our yard plan you can see why - we have a lot of trees and garden beds and bushes to cover.

Amazingly, we actually could have used a little more than 3 yards of mulch. Next time we need to do a heavy duty mulching, I need to order 4 cubic yards. Anywhere that the vegetation was thick I went around instead of going under, I did only small circles around the river birches in the back, only did the front of the thuja border along the chain link fence... and we still ran out.

In the picture above you can see how big the quince has grown, how much we had to cut the crepe myrtle back from the brutal winter weather (SAD!), how much bigger the autumn sedum is this year and the teeny tiny asparagus that's come up.

Our bushes are finally really getting nice and tall too - they were so small at first. There was a time when I felt like I couldn't wait any longer for them to grow, I was so frustrated that I wanted to put in a fence. Since then the neighbors have done some yard cleanup so our view isn't as bad as before... and the bushes hide a lot more now too. They aren't as big as my photoshop fantasy picture, but they are a good 6 feet now!

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