May 6, 2013

Far Hills Sale

On Friday we went to one of my favorite semi-annual events, the Far Hills Rummage sale. It was a shorter trip than usual, we ended up focusing on one thing only - stuff for Oliver. We showed up early and got in the very long line for the toy tent first. Oliver was in need of some toddler toys and summer goodies. By some miracle we were in the first group to be let in, so we had our pick of a lot of great stuff. We took advantage and burned through most of the cash I brought (but well worth it!).

We snagged a wagon, a 3-in-1 tricycle, a little tikes work bench (that came with a bag of tools and a hard hat), a ball popper, a bubble blowing toy lawn mower, 2 huge containers of bubble soap, a foam puzzle floor mat, a popper walking toy and an adorable wooden barn.

So far the indoor toys have been a huge hit! (He's a little young for the mower and tricycle, and we haven't tried the wagon yet.)

I took my last few remaining dollars over to the baby clothing tent, where I snagged some great Baby Gap and Carter’s stuff for winter - 3 Pairs of pants and 3 sets of pajamas. For this summer I snagged a Carter’s rash guard and 2 hats (iplay!). The clothes were all in perfect condition and $2 each, and the hats for 2 for $1. Not bad at all!!!

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