Jul 8, 2013

New Nursery Bedding

You may (or may not) have noticed during the house tour, we have new bedding in the nursery. It all started because I had been looking for a crib skirt for a while. I was sick and tired of looking at the under-bed storage tubs and wanted to hide them. Of course I still have the fabric to make the crib skirt I really want (and the bumper), but it’s not the right time. I still plan on finishing the nursery bedding someday, but without my mother to help and my lack of skills with a sewing machine, it feels like a daunting task.

So I decided to just go ahead and buy a temporary crib skirt, because of the ugly exposed tubs. Except it was much harder than I thought - everything that I liked was ridiculously expensive. Then one day Land of Nod was having a sale. A really good sale. And there was an adorable bedding set at 60% off, with little leaves in shades of green and yellow. I just happened to have a coupon as well, so I took it as a sign that the stars were aligned and I went ahead and bought it.

I think it looks really cute. The leaves totally work with the woodland theme. The quilt is really soft and cozy. I’m not as crazy about the bright green on the other side, but it works for now. The whole set was very affordable and I’m glad to finally have a cute crib skirt.

Of course, I still love the Golly Bard woodland fabric I chose so much more. The watercolor logs and the birches are just so beautiful. And I really want to honor my mother’s memory and finish the project we started together. I’m just not. quite. ready. yet... but I will be. Hopefully sometime soon before Ollie outgrows the room completely. We’ll get there. And in the meantime, the ugly under-bed storage boxes are hidden away and Ollie can enjoy an adorable bedding set.

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