Aug 21, 2014

A Quick Stop on Citrus Lane

For anyone who has read the blog for a while, last year I did a 6 month subscription to Citrus Lane. It was a lot of fun, but towards the end I felt like we grew out of it. For a refresher these were the boxes: February’s Box | March’s Box | April’s Box | May’s Box | June's Box | July's Box | August's Box. One year later, I still visit their shop often for gift ideas and all sorts of great stuff. Then they had a box special for August at a very heavy discount, so we decided to give them another shot - maybe they could win me back?

Or maybe not. The only thing in here that really screamed "good for a two year old boy!" to me was the cool it buddy ice pack... just like the one we got in a box last year. Always good to have a backup though.

The rest of the box was sort of themed "things to do while sitting nicely"... something that Oliver doesn't do much of these days. The petit collage alphabet flash cards are beautiful - but he's more likely to rip, bend, fold and color all over them than sit nicely and learn his alphabet. Our several sets of destroyed dollar spot flash card sets are evidence of that.

The tea for two set by Green Toys is cute, but Oliver isn't much for tea parties. I do think it's important to make sure Oliver has a full spectrum of toys for gender neutrality (like his kitchen set that's stocked with all sorts of cool stuff), but sitting for tea with some stuffed animal friends isn't going to happen. I tried. Instead the tea pot is holding some army guys that are "napping" in the play fridge. The other thing is that it's definitely a special mini tea set for the CL box - there are only two cups and saucers with the tea pot instead of the set of 4 with spoons you see in the stores (and what I'm linking to since I couldn't find a set for 2).

The last thing that's not shown is a free video download to help him learn a second language. Once again it requires him sitting nicely and a willingness to learn. Perhaps I have a wilder more stubborn two-year-old than other people, but aren't they all? Even with his favorite movie (Disney's Frozen like every other kid in the world), he's running around like a maniac and jumping around on the furniture. I don't think he'll be absorbing French from a nice video anytime soon.

They probably should have just sent a box full of ice packs...


  1. Yeah, I think you'll have to wait for a girl to use the tea party set. Most boys seem so much more active than girls.

  2. I feel they are only good for infant boxes. Bluum is better for toddlers. I have been not so happy about the last few boxes but FINALLY earned my free box. Of course the last box I get is FAB and now I don't want to cancel. I'm sure they do that on purpose!

  3. Yeah for $7 it was a good deal, but they definitely didn't win me over again. I have to admit I really like their shop (thanks to a really nice email coupon we got a skip hop backpack for $5 with free shipping!) for great finds - but I totally agree their boxes are amazing for infants/babies but only so-so for toddlers.