Jan 7, 2015

Things that Made Me Happy in December

This is late and this is short, but I’m still thrilled we made it to the end of the year and that I remembered to take pictures of the little things. I’d like to think it’s now an ingrained habit, but we’ll see how 2015 goes.

In January I embarked on a personal project to take pictures of the little things that make me happy. The past few years I forgot to document the little things in our life, the details that are lovely to look back on. So for the year I'm taking pictures of the good little things and sharing them here. 

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In December, here are the little things that made me happy:

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas...

New earrings (studs are a must with toddlers) and nostalgic toys from my childhood

Last sunset of 2014... Happy New Year!

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