Jan 6, 2015

2014 Year in Review

One year ago, this was our to-do list for 2014:

- Add lighting and railing to attic
- Organize the basement
- Finish the upstairs hallway
- Add lighting to the stairwell
- Organize the garage
- Build trellis for the clematis on the pergola
- Plant 2014 Garden
- Patch and Seal the driveway
- Kitchen shelving around radiator

We never got to the hallway, the kitchen shelving or the electrical work - but it's high on our list for 2015.  We did do quite a few things in 2014, even if some of the projects were smaller than in year's past. I am happy to say we finally got the front yard and the front of the house to a place that I'm happy with. We also...

Organized a ridiculously messy basement
- Turned favorite quotes into art prints
- New watercolor art from a talented artist friend
- Put together a source list
- Partitioned half the basement into a play area
- Made an Easter tree that bloomed
- New artwork in the dining room
- Kitchen plates on the wall
- Put up the pergola trellis
- Figured out curtains for the pergola for shade
- Planted the vegetable garden
- Widened the front yard garden bed and added a fig tree
- Finally shutters on the front of the house
- Redone kitchen set for Oliver
- Refinished rocking chair for Oliver
- Refinished marble topped side table
- Refinished living room side table
- Refinished nursery side table
- Refinished step stool
- New back patio table
- Installed a new mailbox
- Made a yellow floral wreath
- Made a pink dahlia wreath
- New master bedroom dresser
- Put up the new trash can shed
- Cleaned out most of the garage
- Sealed the driveway
- Vacation to Cape Cod
- Made a spooky ghost on a budget
- Made mini pumpkin candle holders
- Our street was repaved and we got new curbing
- Planted the mailbox garden
- Made a set of felt ornaments
- Made a mini tree skirt
- Got a new (to us) living room chair and ottoman
- Made an octopus for Oliver for Christmas

For 2015 we have more big plans. Like I mentioned yesterday, at the top of our list this winter is some basement organization (just some boxes, nothing like last winter's work) and basement electrical, as well as finally finishing the upstairs hallway.

Here's to a happy, healthy and productive 2015!

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