Jan 9, 2014

2013 in Review

When I first thought about doing this post, I thought that the list of house projects would be embarrassingly short. With a baby/toddler, we only did one “big” project this year - building the pergola. But then as I started going back through, I realized how much we've accomplished this year and I’m really proud of us! We were actually pretty busy this year:

Built a compost bin
Redid our front door
Painted the porch steps, porch railings and deck
Installed a new porch light
Planted river birches and blueberry bushes
Planted our vegetable garden
Painted the garage door and garage front
Refinished the patio furniture
Added doorbells to our doors
Updated house tour
Built a pergola over the patio!
Gallery wall in the stairwell
Updated the linen closet
Woodland animal hooks in the nursery
Kitchen radiator cover
Half bathroom radiator cover
Decorating the half bath
The broken shower, fixed and re-tiled
Re-insulated the attic
Boarded up the attic floor

And in 2014...
My overeager Fall to-do list only had two dents (fall yard cleanup, and the attic floor), so we have some lofty goals for 2014!

Add lighting and railing to attic
Organize the basement
Finish the upstairs hallway
Add lighting to the stairwell
Organize the garage
Build trellis for the clematis on the pergola
Plant 2014 Garden
Patch and Seal the driveway
Kitchen shelving around radiator

Plus of course many other little things along the way… Here’s to a busy 2014!

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